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Thank you for choosing HoneyWitchSnax, where we believe that desserts don’t have to be just an after dinner treat, they can be an experience unto themselves & even help set the mood of an event. We look forward to making your special day a little magical & a lot sweet with our homemade cakes & other goodies. You can send any inquiries via our Contact page (kindly allow 48 hours for a response). If for some reason you don't hear from us within 48 hours, feel free to shoot a text with your name & email to (646) 820-2506 & we'll see if there was a snag somewhere along the line.


Please keep reading for answers to many of our FAQs.



HoneyWitchSnax strives to provide the best tasting & best looking desserts for all of our customers. The listed base prices are calculated taking into account the ingredients used, time required for baking, assembly & decoration. These prices are a general guideline & it is possible for extra charges to be added based on seasonal flavors, add-ins, decorations, etc that are requested. The final price of your treats will depend upon the size & the complexity of the chosen design. Here is some basic, general pricing information that may serve as a starting point.

  • Standard Cakes: Base pricing includes 2 layers of one flavor cake, one color/flavor filling & one color buttercream frosting. Layers can be torted upon request. Custom design elements are charged in addition to base pricing. 

  • Tall Cakes: Base pricing includes includes 3 layers of one flavor cake,  one color/flavor filling & up to two colors of buttercream frosting. Layers can be torted upon request. Custom design elements are charged in addition to base pricing. 

  •  Cupcakes: A basic cupcake design consists of a piped one color frosting swirl design with no embellishments. Custom design elements are charged in addition to base pricing. 

Ordering & Fees:

We ask that standard orders be placed at least 2 weeks in advance. Custom orders should be placed 3-4 weeks in advance. A rush fee will be added for last minute orders, if accepted. Orders are first come, first served.

If you're interested in placing an order, head over to the Get a Quote page to begin the process. When requesting your quote, remember to fill in all fields on the form & to include any pertinent info. Please give us as many details as possible for an accurate quote (i.e., the date/nature/theme of the event, # of servings, colors, flavors, add-ins, delivery location, pix of your design inspo). Pictures can be sent via email to Remember to include your name so that we can match up the pix with your quote request. Once we've received your initial request, we will follow up within 2 business days to discuss specifics.

It is your responsibility to read/check your quote thoroughly. Any amendments should be made in writing via email. This includes all spellings or wording to be included on the cake/board as we cannot be held responsible for a misspelling when a confirmation that all details are correct has been given.

Diversity & Inclusion:

HoneyWitchSnax is ready to help you make ALL your life celebrations a little sweeter. However, we WILL NOT accept clients who request treats that serve to promote hate +/or discriminate against groups or communities.


HoneyWitchSnax is not a nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free or wheat-free facility. While some products may be naturally free of these ingredients, all of our products have the chance of sharing the air with allergens. Please remember to check our Allergy Info page & if you have any questions or concerns, head over to our Contact page to send us a message.

Alcohol Policy:

We can accommodate requests for alcohol infused desserts for an additional fee. However, when placing an order you must provide State ID proving you are 21 years or older.


Local delivery is available for an additional fee. Be sure to include a delivery location in the comment section of your quote request so the fee can be calculated & included in your quote. Please note, HoneyWitchSnax is available for orders Monday thru Saturday. All treats for events & celebrations on Sundays will need to be picked up/delivered on Saturday. Sundays are family day around here, so we hope you'll understand this day is important to us! Thank you. 

Discounts & Coupons:

From time to time, we offer discounts for upcoming holidays & special occasions. Check back often for pop-up coupon codes that can be entered, along with your request, on our Get a Quote page to save some coin.

Deposits & Payments:

Deposits are subject to order size & customization. We have a minimum order price of $35 for standard purchases & a $75 minimum for custom orders. Any orders under $100 must be paid in advance in full. When placing orders over $100, please be deposit ready. A 50% deposit will be required to confirm & secure your order, with the final payment due upon delivery. 

Preferred methods of payment are: GooglePay, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle, but we also accept cash. 

Order Changes & Cancellation Policy:

A lot goes into making your treats (i.e., planning, shopping for supplies, designing, actual baking, decorating, etc). That means we start the process pretty early & as we may have multiple orders at the same time, it is important that we are able to prioritize & schedule accordingly. We will make every effort to accommodate any changes to design or flavor given the request is made at least a week before delivery. Thereafter, no changes can be made. If you must cancel an order, please provide at least a week's notice or forfeit your deposit.

Transporting & Storing Your Snacks:

HoneyWitchSnax is not responsible for damages to the condition of your desserts after delivery is complete. If the client picks up the cake, we no longer assume any responsibility for damage caused to it. You can safely transport your desserts in the boxes provided. We do however recommend boxes be placed on a flat surface in your car (i.e., back trunk space or the floor of your vehicle) with the air-conditioning on. Please do not put your desserts on a slanted back seat. Drive slowly & cautiously on bumps or turns. When carrying your treats, hold the box from the bottom with both hands away from your body. Do not press/hold the sides of the box as it may damage the contents. The client will be responsible for using an appropriate & secure environment for displaying/storing your desserts. 


Our desserts are made order to from scratch with the freshest ingredients possible & without the use of preservatives. You may need to refrigerate your treats depending on the topping, filling +/or decoration (especially those with dairy or fresh fruits). Please remember to bring your desserts back to room temperature for at least 1-2 hours before serving. Please keep the items out of direct sunlight or warm places for an extended period of time. Most are best eaten within 3-5 days, while some should be eaten the same day as pick up. Feel free to send us any questions about how to store your treats on our Contact page.

Non-Edible Items:

Many desserts include & contain small inedible items. It is your responsibility to remove these prior to cutting & serving your cake. These items include: toppers, dowels, ribbons, wires, picks, etc. You will be notified of any inedible items on your treats upon pick up/delivery.


We respect our customers’ privacy, we do however reserve the right to display photos of the desserts for promotional purposes on our website or socials.


We truly enjoy getting your feedback! If you'd like to send some love or let us know what we can do to improve, please take a minute to visit our Testimonials page. Don’t forget to let us know if you’d like your review to be featured on our site. Lastly, if you want to share some sweet moments from your celebrations, feel free to send us pix of how you displayed HoneyWitchSnax at your event (


A party without cake is just a meeting.

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