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Allergy Info


At HoneyWitchSnax, we are unfortunately unable to cater to specific allergy requirements. Our treats may contain dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat +/or other allergens including food dyes. We take every care to ensure your snacks are free of specific ingredients where requested, however as we do not operate in an allergy-free facility, there is a possibility of cross contamination. Please be mindful of notifying your guests of any risk. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions if notification of food allergies is not given in advance. Please feel free to send any questions you may have on our Contact page.


Coming Soon:

The good news is that there is always a chance that some of our cake selections may be naturally free of the ingredients listed (e.g., gluten). And we are pleased to announce that gluten-free options will be available soon upon request for our some of our treats. 


When life goes awry, have a slice of homemade pie.

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